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Many small businesses find it difficult to find a bookkeeper to hire with the right skills to prepare their company’s financial statements, manage their bank accounts, analyze and input data, and prepare invoices along with so much more.


At LSquared Bookkeeping Solutions, we provide a team of bookkeeping experts in Kansas City and nationally for outsourcing your small businesses bookkeeping and accounting tasks.


Our team of bookkeeping experts in Kansas City and nationally are QuickBooks ProAdvisor’s; meaning we each are certified and equipped with specially designed tools and features to help bring the most value to you and your small business.


We set the bar for high standards. Paying great attention to every detail is the most critical part of our job.


Our ability to notice one error, discrepancy, or inconsistency can often lead to other inaccuracies that can cost your hundreds even thousands of dollars.


On the other hand, even one small missing detail can affect the integrity of your small businesses financial records and may cause you to be audited by the IRS.


We’re not only good number crunchers, but also we are excellent part-time detectives.

  • Where’s this bill?
  • Why wasn’t this expense entered right?
  • Where’s this PO#?

We always leave our line of communication open and reach out when we need to track down questions, rather than skipping or glossing over a problem, our expert bookkeepers analyze the options, gather information, and develop solutions to fix it!



Are you ready to explore how we can help your business grow?

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