Outsource Your Bookkeeping

Dump those tedious spreadsheets and outsource your bookkeeping to the pros!

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Tax Season, Minus The Stress

We consider ourselves partners to help you tie up year end and prepare for tax season. Having a partner could be your secret weapon to make or break tax time.

End Your Tax Nightmare With Our Help.

A Team Of Experts

Our L2 team is on hand to remove the burden of bookkeeping from your life. Giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on your business.

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Of course, that is not all we do...

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Data You Can't Do Without

Being able to see the big picture will give you actionable insights to help you grow your business. You’ll never be in the dark again.

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Gain More Hours In Your Day

Less time bookkeeping means more time to focus on what you really care about — like helping your business succeed.

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Money Management

If you want to simplify money management and keep your books up-to-date, L2 Bookkeeping Solutions is a simple and affordable way to manage your money, and much more.

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Bookkeeping Services in Kansas City

Experienced ~ Affordable ~ Dependable

Real humans. Perfect books. Your LSquared Bookkeeping Solutions team imports bank statements, enters data, and prepares your financial statements every month. We’ve got your books!

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